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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently asked questions section.  Hopefully all the information you need is available here, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Guest Information

Are there any charges for making a booking?

No, there are no charges made to guests making a booking through Holiday Letting Finder.

Once you have found your perfect property, simply click on the calendar to make your booking and your details will be passed across to the property owner, or the Holiday Letting Agent who manages this property. You will receive a booking confirmation email, along with details of who will be dealing with the management of your booking.

How do I know a property listed on the site is genuine?

All of the agents and owners that are listing properties are dealt with personally by us.  We will provide you will full details of the Holiday Letting Agent or Owner before you make any payments, in order that you can carry out any additional checks you wish.

Who is paid any booking monies that are due?

For security, all payments are made direct to the property owner or Holiday Letting Agent.  This ensures that you have full and detailed information about who is looking after your booking, and what payment arrangements are available to you.

Can payments be made by Credit Card?

In some circumstances yes.  At the time of your booking the Owner or Holiday Letting Agent will provide you with details of their available payment methods and the dates payments are due.  

Some agents may charge an additional fee for paying by credit card, but they will be able to provide you with full information on this at the time of booking.

What happens if I have a problem with my booking?

You will receive full contact details of the property owner or Holiday Letting Agent who is dealing with your booking.  If you have any issues at all with the booking, they will be able to provide you with full assistance on this.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

If you need to cancel your booking, you should contact the property owner or Holiday Letting Agent as soon as possible. 

A lot of the time you will have received detailed booking terms and conditions at the time of booking, which will provide you with full information on the cancellation procedures.

Owner/Agent Information

How much does it cost to list on the website?

It is completely free of charge to list your properties on the website. We will even provide you with a free copy of our Holiday Manager software to upload all of your property information.

For each booking that we procure for you, we will charge a small fee.

How do I get started?

Complete the contact form on the Agent/Owner page and we’ll get everything moving immediately.

How quickly can I get up and running?

All of the information on the website is completely live. Once you have signed up for the website we can send you everything you need to get started immediately.

What about support?

We will provide full support and assistance to get the software installed and up and running. We pride ourselves on the customer service and support we provide to our customers and we are always on hand to help with any issues you have. Once you are setup we will provide you with access to our online support centre, allowing you access to all documentation and ability to log new issues or request support.

What areas do you cover?

Currently we cover the whole of the United Kingdom. We also have a number of customers with properties across Europe, which we are planning to be available to advertise later in the year.

My property isn't in an area that you currently feature, can I still list?

Yes, definitely. We are expanding the areas we cover all the time. If you are lucky enough to have a property in an area where we have no current coverage, it simply means you less competition for bookings from other holiday homes.

Can I list properties outside of the UK?

At this time we have restricted the advertised properties to just the UK.

We do however have a number of customers with properties across Europe, which we are planning to be available to advertise later in the year.

Please contact us for further information on this.