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Making your property available for holiday letting as opposed to long term rental can offer a great deal of benefits. Rather than your property being permanently occupied by a long term tenant, leaving you no time to stay there yourself, you can select the periods of time the property is available, retaining certain weeks for your own use.

Once you have decided that holiday rentals is the way to go, you need to decide how best to advertise this.  It is important to ensure that enough weeks are booked to cover your costs and maximise your investment. There are numerous places to advertise your holiday home, including of course our own Holiday Letting Finder!

The other option you have at this stage is to appoint a specialist holiday letting agent, who will resume responsibility for not only finding bookings for your holiday home, but also deal with all of the other management that goes with this.

The functions carried out by an agency usually cover:

• Promoting the property online and traditionally
• Answering booking enquiries
• Taking bookings
• Taking payment – deposits and balances
• Arranging paperwork for the booking and dealing with issues or complaints
• Arranging cleaning and other property management

Some of the key benefits of using an agent, as opposed to doing it yourself can include -

More income

This depends on the ability of the agency of course, but a well organised, effective agency will be able to generate 25+ bookings per annum and therefore more income, even after their commission.

Expert advice

A holiday letting agency will be able to provide advice to improve bookings and income, drawing upon their expertise and learnings with their portfolio as a whole, and the market. This might include advice on taking pets, furnishings and decor, pricing and photography.

Marketing expertise

A holiday letting agency is essentially the marketing agency for the property. By being part of their portfolio, your property will have access to expertise in all areas of marketing such as PR, Search Engine Optimisation, website design and direct mail.

A broader reach

Being part of a large portfolio means being part of a larger marketing campaign which in turn leads to wider exposure to more potential guests.

Access to a customer database

When part of an agency’s portfolio, you will be marketed to their customer database of past guests who have previously booked.

Saving time

Running a holiday let can be very time consuming in areas such as answering telephone and email enquiries, monitoring and updating availability, and dealing with email and posted correspondence around payment. An agency will perform all of these tasks.

Taking payments and chasing payments

Most guests will choose to pay their deposit and balance by credit card or debit card which can be handled by the letting agency who have the facilities to process card payments. They will also have systems in place to chase late or missing payments with guests.

Complaints and problems

Occasionally problems may arise with guests, such as damage to the property, late payments or guest complaints. Wherever the problem of fault lies, an agency will have policies and resources to resolve problems in a professional and fair way.

Legal and Legislation

A letting agent can advise on the required regulations for holiday letting. This includes the likes of gas and electricity certificates, insurance requirements and in particular the booking terms and conditions. The booking terms and conditions are a key document the guest will sign while booking the property and sets out the terms of the holiday rental, such as damage, the tenancy and each party’s responsibilities and liabilities.

Holiday Letting Finder has access to holiday letting agents throughout many parts of the UK. If you would like find out some more information regarding letting your holiday property through an agency, please fill out the contact form on this page and we can put you in touch with the perfect agent for your requirements.


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