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Northern Ireland


Belfast has all the buzz of a British capital city with the added bonus of being a gateway to rural Northern Ireland. Within a couple of hours of Belfast, you can marvel at tourist attractions like the Giant's Causeway, walk the Mountains of Mourne or fish in Fermanagh.

Of particular interest is The Giant's Causeway.  As one of Northern Ireland's best-known attractions, the Giant's Causeway is a remarkable natural rock formation. Created by cooling lava millions of years ago, the thousands of basalt columns have various legends associated with them, the most famous involving a fight between giants from Ireland and Scotland.

Similarly Cushendun Caves were formed over 400 million of years of extreme weather conditions. Find them just beyond the beautiful coastal village of Cushenden, walking down next to the Cave House. TV fans will be interested to know that the caves provided the background for The Stormlands in Game of Thrones.

For film buffs the new Titanic museum located on the slipways where the original ship was built is another popular destination.


If you long to get away from it all, then Donegal is the perfect spot. With soaring sea cliffs that plummet 300 metres, deserted white sandy beaches, jaw-dropping landscapes, excellent seafood and cosy pubs.  Donegal forces you to sit back, slow down and admire the view. 

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