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Wells Cathedral with lighting at night

The smallest city in England, Wells is an absolute gem. Its rich medieval roots are everywhere to be seen in the city's architecture, particularly in its intricately carved 12th-century cathedral. It's the place to go for an unspoiled taste of England's past, ensconced in the green, rolling countryside of Somerset.

The Bishop's Palace and gardens is a very popular tourist destination and well worth a visit.  The palace dates back to the early 13th Century, and has been home to Bishops of Bath and Wells for 800 years.

There are over 14 acres of gardens, including the beautiful well pools from which the city takes its name. Particularly popular are the famous mute swans who live alongside the moat and ring a bell when they want food.

Bishops Castle and moat


Cheddar is a large village situated on the edge of the Mendip Hills.  It is best known for the world famous gorge, which is the largest in the UK.  There are several caves that can be visited and explored.  

Cheddar is a very popular tourist destination with a great deal of history.  Britain's oldest complete human skeleton was found here in the early 1900's, and is thought to be 9,000 years old.  There are also ruins of a saxon palace, which was excavated in the 1960's and is located on the grounds of The Kings of Wessex Academy.

Cheddar is very well done and gives its name to cheddar cheese and is also one of the leading locations for strawberry growning, due to its temperate climate and sheltered location.


With 3.8 million day vistors Bath is an amazingly popular destination for all ages, and a majot centre for tourism.  The city’s theatres, museums and other cultural and sporting venues have all contributed towards it being name a World Heritage Site since 1987.  One particular feature is the natural hot baths and thermal springs. Pride and Prejudice fans take note: Jane Austen lived in Bath for many years, and much of her work was inspired by her time here.